Friday Night with the Cambridge Egalitarian Minyan

by Gal Chadash (the Cambridge Egalitarian Minyan)

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Tracks from recording session March 11th 2010 in the Munby Room, King's College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Sorry to say you will not find sheet music of these particular harmonies and arrangements as they were improvised live. For information about the melodies themselves, click on the track names to view info (and continue streaming the audio).

The Egalitarian Minyan is co-ordinated by members of (the Cambridge University Jewish Society).

Thanks to (the Union of Jewish Students) for their financial support through the UJS Initiatives Fund, and to Josh Marks for liaising with them on our behalf.

These tracks represent some (not all) of what we do in our Friday night services. Our customs have varied over time, and in fact vary each week.

Anyone have photos from the occasion e.g. to use for the album artwork?

For texts and translations of Psalms (and other things) check out

More album info coming soon...


released April 1, 2010

JSEM Organisers 2010 (Session Producers): Miri Fenton, Aaron Burke
Education pre-Session: Chazan Jacky Chernett
Sound Engineer: Andy Cross (
Album Research & Track Notes: Ilan Lazarus
Online Publication: Ilan Lazarus

If you are singing on these tracks, contact us! You might even receive login details...
Also if you have been involved in the Cambridge Egalitarian Minyan and are gutted that you were not at the recording, contact us to help to make a list of Gal Chadashniks!



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Gal Chadash Cambridge, UK

EgalMin is an inclusive, informal and active community which is famous for its alternative, egalitarian Kabbalat Shabbat services. Being a part of EgalMin means being part of a community which takes great joy in prayer and challenges itself to engage in learning, whilst also providing a social hub for its members and continuing to be an active part of the wider JSoc community. ... more

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Track Name: Shiru - "ki va mo'ed" tune (Carlebach)
Psalms (Tehillim) 96
Track Name: Ado-nai Malakh & Sham'a va-Tismach - Carlebach
Psalms (Tehillim) 97
Track Name: Shiru - "hashem 'oz" tune (Carlebach)
Psalms (Tehillim) 98
Track Name: Hari'u - Netzer South Africa tune
Psalms (Tehillim) 98:4-5
Track Name: [1] Be-'Ammud 'Anan - Ashkenazi nusakh [2] Rom'mu - Craig Taubman
[1] Psalms (Tehillim) 99, verses 7-8
[2] verse 9
Track Name: Mizmor l'David - Carlebach
Psalms (Tehillim) 29
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - Rabbi Menachem Goldberger
refrain - verse 1 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - "keter yitenu lekha" tune (Carlebach)
refrain - verse 2 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - "v'ha'arev na" tune? (Reb Mordechai Dov-Ber Twerski)
refrain - verse 3 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - "keitzad merakdim" tune (Moshe Laufer)
refrain - verse 4 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - "shiru la-melekh" tune (Rav Hillel Palai)
refrain - verse 5 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - "yah ribbon" tune (Carlebach)
refrain - verse 6 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - Michael David Levi?
refrain - verse 7 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - "shomerim hafqed l-'irekha" tune (Carlebach)
refrain - verse 8 - refrain
Track Name: L'kha Dodi - "elekha" tune (Carlebach)
refrain - verse 9 - refrain
Track Name: Mizmor Shir l'Yom ha-Shabbat - as sung in RSY/LJY
Psalms (Tehillim) 92, verses 1-6
Track Name: Tov l'Hodot - as sung by Shalheves Boys Choir
Psalms (Tehillim) 92, verses 2-3
Track Name: Tsaddiq ka-Tamar - Pizmon
Psalms (Tehillim) 92, verses 13-16
Track Name: Tsaddiq ka-Tamar - Lewandowski
Psalms (Tehillim) 92, verses 13-16
Track Name: Mi-qolot Mayim - composer unknown
Psalms (Tehillim) 93, verse 4

Hebrew text:

{ Mi-qolot MayiM rabbiM, adiriM Mishberei-yaM; adir, ba-MaroM Adonai }

Translation following the Hebrew word order and traditional punctuation:

{ Than the sounds of waters numerous, mighty, breakers-of-ocean /
Mightier is high-borne Adonai }

With the word repetitions in the song:

{ Than the sounds of waters ... waters numerous ... mighty mighty ... breakers-of-ocean

!! Mightier is high-borne ... !! Mightier is high-borne ... !! Mightier is high-borne Adonai }
Track Name: Ahavat 'Olam - Debbie Friedman
Second of the two blessings (berakhoth) before the shema'
Track Name: Mi khamokha - Debbie Friedman
Exodus (Shemoth) 15, verse 11 - from the Song of the Sea (shirath ha-yam)
Track Name: V'Sham'ru - Carlebach
Exodus (Shemoth) 31, verses 16-17
Track Name: Yihyu l'Ratson - North American Reform, as sung in Netzer
Psalms (Tehilllim) 19, verse 15
Track Name: 'Oseh Shalom - "illu finu" canon (Rabbi Miriam Margles)
Closing of meditative section at end of silent 'Amida.