[1] Be​-​'Ammud 'Anan - Ashkenazi nusakh [2] Rom'mu - Craig Taubman

from by Gal Chadash (the Cambridge Egalitarian Minyan)



In Psalm 99, as in Psalm 97, we recite some verses to ourselves, some in a free-rhythm 'chant' supported by a harmonic bath, and some in a song. The song here is 'Romemu', as sung in RSY-Netzer. The nusakh used for the 'chanting' of verses 7-8 of this Psalm marks a shift in character in the service. Its sound is classified by the name 'Magen Avot', and within it (but not heard on this track) there are traditional melodic patterns for verse 6 and, of course, verse 9 to close the Psalm and shift into 'Ahava Rabba' nusakh.

The eclectic musician Craig Taubman wrote two songs for Romemu. This is the one from the album 'Friday Night Live'. We've diverged from the original melody; the second part is at a totally different pitch!


[1] Psalms (Tehillim) 99, verses 7-8
[2] verse 9


from Friday Night with the Cambridge Egalitarian Minyan, released April 1, 2010
Leader: Netta Chachamu
Photo: pillar of cloud (be-'ammud 'anan); person prostrating at God's footstool (hishtachavu la-hadom raglav), at God's holy hill (l'har qodsho), making God high (Romemu Adonai Eloheinu)



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