We are on an eternal quest to collect melodies for L'kha Dodi, the piyyut composed by the kabbalist R' Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz (c.1500, Thessaloniki– 1580, Safed).

The text's simple metre and climactic / pivotal role in the service have attracted dozens of melodies over the centuries. On most weeks we pick two, switching at verse 6; often one is upbeat and one slow, for contrast and to draw out any progression in the text, else we do whatever works within the flow of that service. We recorded nine of those we were using at the time; since then we've sung many others, some of which have been introduced to us by Anthony Phillips from his perusals in the Cambridge University Library.

This melody works well with a little improvised percussion as heard near the beginning of this track.

It's popular in RSY-Netzer, which picked it up from the renowned Reform congregation Kol ha-Neshama in Jerusalem, who've been singing it throughout their existence. In a hilarious telephone conversation, we asked them who composed it - they said it's been claimed by a Charedi man, but they could give no name nor confirmation of the rumour.

UPDATE: it was written by a Chasidic rabbi in America! Goldberger is a disciple of the brother of the composer of track 11. heichalhanegina.blogspot.com/2005/09/from-hornesteipel-to-denver-to.html
The recording downloadable from that site switches the tunes for verse and chorus, which arguably works better than our version.


refrain - verse 1 - refrain




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